KACEPMA hosted successful inaugural meeting at ICEEPM

We are pleased to report on successful launch and inaugural meeting of the KACEPMA in Anaheim , CA in January 10th 2013. There were more than 50 attendees. This is a very promising start of our new society.

The new organization for this year of 2013 was formed.

  • President: Prof. Yong Hoon Kwak at George Washington University
  • Vice President: Prof. Yong Cho at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Secretary: Prof. David Jeong at Iowa State University

The KACEPMA scholarship were awarded to two non-faculty KACEPMA members.

  1. Mr. Haegon Kim (PhD Candidate), University of Texas at Austin
  2. Mr. Sanghyung Ahn (PhD Candidate), Purdue University


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