KEIT survey project

Dear Members of KACEPMA,

I hope you all had a nice summer break.

An email from KSEA seems like an excellent opportuniteis for us to get
some extra $50 per case.  Also, KSEA told the APS presidents that the
most submitted APS will get an extra $500.  I hope that you all take
sometime to fill this form so that you can help the KACEPMA.

Many Thanks!

Warm Regards,

Young Hoon Kwak


Dear KSEA APS Presidents,

As it has been presented to you several times in different ways, KSEA
needs your help in the KEIT survey project. The success of this
project is very important for the future relationship between the KEIT
and KSEA and for funding opportunities for KSEA members. If you can
urge your members to participate in this survey, it would be a great
help to KSEA. Please see the contents below for more details. The
survey forms are attached to this e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding this project or want to discuss it
with me, please do not hesitate to contact me or let me know. I look
forward to receiving your submissions.

한국정부 R&D 예산방침에 도움을 주고, 수요조사 (1-2 페이지) 한건당 50불씩 생기는 기회를 소개합니다.

저희는 여러 리더들의 빠른 참여 (소요시간 20-30분) 와 동료, 친구, APS/Chapter 멤버들의 참여권고를 부탁드립니다.
지적 재산권에 대한 질문에 대해서는, 다시 말씀드리지만, 이것은 수요조사로서 연구 프로젝트 신청서와는 다름니다. 이수요조사를
참고로 한국 산업평가원은 내년도 R&D 예산을 정하는 것으로 알고 있습니다.
여러분들의 참여가 KSEA 에게 도움을 주고 있는 산업 평가원과의 관계를 증진 시킬것이라고 생각합니다.
현재 지금 23개가 들어와 있습니다. 마감일은 7일이 남았고, 저희는 적어도 150개를 제출해야합니다.
8월 31일까지, 수요조사를 KSEA HQ에 제출하여 주시기를 부탁드립니다 [Ms. Euna Yoon at KSEA HQ
제출하신 분들에게는 감사의 표시로 수요조사 한건당 50불씩을 드리고, multiple submission 도 가능합니다.
10개 가 넘는 챕터/APS 에게는 300 불을 드리고, 제일 많이 낸 챕터/APS 에게는 500 불을 드립니다
Let us introduce an opportunity to help deciding Korean research
budget and make $50 per 1-2 page survey !
We are asking your participation (takes 20-30 mins) and your action to
encourage your friends, colleagues, APS/Chapter members. There were
concerns/questions regarding an intellectual property issue. However,
this is not a research proposal. These surveys will help deciding R&D
budget of Korean Government.
We believe your participation will be a huge boost for strong
connection with KEIT, which provides resource and opportunity to the
As of today, we received 23 entries with 7 days left to the deadline.
We need to submit at least 150 entries.

We would greatly appreciate it if you can fill out the attached survey
form either in English or Korean and return it to Ms. Euna Yoon at
KSEA HQ ( by Aug. 31st, 2013.
As we mentioned, participants will receive $50 per a reviewed and
accepted survey (either English or Korean version) as a token of
appreciation. Multiple submissions by a member are allowed.
Especially, members who presented their research at the UKC are
encouraged to fill out the survey. In addition, the local chapters or
affiliated professional societies (APS) that submit 10 or more
accepted survey forms will receive an additional support of $300. A
special prize ($500) will be awarded for one local chapter and one APS
with the most accepted surveys over 10.

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