MOU with HanmiGlobal, KSEA Annual Dues, and others…

Dear Members of the KACEPMA,

I hope all is well with you, your family, and your work.

I have some great news to share with you.  Starting from 2014,
HanmiGlobal will financially support KACEPMA. The executive board of
KACEPMA (Dr. Jeong Hyung Seok at Iowa State, Dr. Yong Kwon Cho at
Georgia Tech, and myself) are finalizing the MOU with HanmiGlobal and
hope to sign the MOU document by the end of this year.

The specifics of the MOUs are as follows.

1. For the next three years, HanmiGlobal will support $5000 per year
so that we can have annual meetings in conjunction with major research
conference (CRC, ICCEPM, etc.), support our members through writing
“Global Maestro Report”, provide scholarships to students, and run our

2. As part of the MOU, we agreed that the members of our association
will write a “Global Maestro Report” every month.  The report will be
2-3 pages long (in Korean. If written in English, we have recruited a
doctoral student who will translate the report into Korean) and
discuss the latest news in engineering-construction-infrastructure
industry in the United States and around the world. HanmiGlobal will
publish this in their monthly newsletter.

We envision this effort as introducing new and emerging construction
engineering technologies (BIM. clean energy, zero emission greenhouse
gas, etc.), sharing new trends in the construction and project
management domain (This could be very broad ranging from innovative
planning and scheduling technique, project financing, human resource
management and leadership, safety, innovative project delivery
systems, etc.), and discussing the challenges and lessons learned of
planning and managing actual projects as a case study in the United
States and around the world.

3. We are starting to solicit members to write a short report as we
agreed to provide a one year plan (authors and potential topics) in
advance to HanmiGlobal by the end of 2013.  For those who would like
to participate in this great opportunity, please send emails to Dr.
Jeong, Dr. Cho, and myself expressing your interest.  We will provide
an honorarium of $300.

4. Dr. Cho sent you an email about two weeks ago asking to pay for the
annual dues for KSEA.  KACEPMA is an Affiliated Professional Society
(APS) of KSEA and we get support from KSEA whenever we have a formal
meeting.  I checked the website this morning and I was pleased to see
that there are currently 18 members who paid their dues. For those who
paid their dues already, I thank you for your time and effort. For
those who have not paid their dues yet, please do so as soon as

We need to have a minimum of 30 members pay their dues if we want to
justify request for funding from KSEA. For professionals the dues are
$35/year. For graduate students the dues are $15/year, and
undergraduates are free. IF you know any undergraduate or graduate
students please encourage them to enroll to become a member and
designate KACEPMA as their APS.

Think of it this way.  The more support we get from KSEA, the more
benefit goes back to our members.  I really need your help on this.

5. We will have our annual meeting in May 2014 at Atlanta, Georgia in
conjunction with ASCE’s Construction Research Congress.  I hope to see
many of you at that time.  We will also transition the leadership and
elect one secretary who will join the executive board.

If you have any questions or concerns of any of the items, please feel
free to contact me at my email or at my cell (240-432-0579).  I am
looking forward to receiving emails from many of you to participate in
the writing of “global maestro report”.

Thank you.


Young Hoon Kwak

PS) On a personal note, I start serving as an Associate Editor of
ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering.  I know our members are
active in their research and I hope to see many of you submitting to
JME.  I know the review time of JME has been long in the past but rest
assure that the review time will be greatly improved with fast turn
around time so JME would be one of the preferred outlets for
construction engineering and project management scholars.

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