Request for topics for HanmiGlobal’s Global Maestro report

Dear KACEPMA members:


This is Yong Cho at Georgia Tech. First, thank you for responding my previous email and paying fees to KSEA to support our KACEPMA. We have finally reached the minimum KSEA requirement for financial support proposal– 30 paid members!!  However, if you have not paid the membership fee yet, please pay at . Your additional membership participation will make our financial support proposal stronger since we are competing with other organizations in KSEA.


As we announced previously, we are finalizing the MOU with HanmiGlobal. As part of MOU, we need to provide HanmiGlobal with a monthly 2-3 pages of global maestro report.   The KACEPMA will pay an honorarium to the member who writes the report. Currently, we are collecting topics for the next year reports to discuss with HanmiGlobal. If you have research topics that you would like to introduce, please send us the list of topics by December 1 (along with brief synopsises, if possible). You can submit more topics later. If your topic(s) is/are selected, we will contact you for the full report(s).  To participate in writing the HanmiGlobal report, however, you should be a paid member at KACEPMA.  I strongly encourage our members to consider this great opportunity to network with this major construction company for possible research collaborations in near future.  Thank you for your great support for our KACEPMA in advance and looking forward to hearing from many of you soon!





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